Students and Technology

All users of technology at the Southwick-Tolland-Granvile Regional School District must agree to the Empowered Digital Use Agreement (see below).

Additionally, for students who take devices home during the school closure, caregivers must agree to, and sign the Student Device Sign-Out Agreement.

For families who need information on free, or low-cost internet access, click HERE.

Families who have received a device can click HERE for instructions for student login.

Empowered Digital Use Agreement

The Southwick Tolland Granville Regional School District (STGRSD) is empowering students with technology to enhance their ability to collaborate, communicate, create, and critically think.  When providing students with computing devices and access to the Internet and their Microsoft Office 365 account that includes email, STGRSD is trusting students to make good choices and to do no harm.  STGRSD TRUSTs students to:

Treat myself and others with respect

Recognize others’ work and ideas

Unleash learning with technology

tand up to inappropriate use

hink about privacy before posting
(The TRUST model listed above is adopted from:  Dr. Tim Clark, Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Forsyth County Schools)

In order to continue to provide students with access to these powerful tools, students must honor the trust that is being given to them.  If violations of this trust occur when students are using a school account, device, or network in school or at home, school administrators will assess the nature of the violation and provide an appropriate consequence.  Violations will be handled in accordance with the schools’ code of conduct.  For instance, if a student damages a device, this will be treated as damage to school property.  If a student uses social media to harass or bully another student, this will be treated as an act of bullying or harassment.  If a student is using the device for something other than school work or is distracting other students with their device then this will be considered disruptive classroom behavior. If a student violates state or federal law, this will be treated based on an assessment of the nature of the law violated and at times may include contacting local law enforcement.

With technology and the Internet constantly evolving, it is impossible to predict all the possible ways that a user may find to violate the trust being placed in them.  If a violation of this trust occurs that does not have a clear parallel in the non-technological world, then administrators will consult with the Director of Technology or their designee to determine the nature and seriousness of the offense and apply an appropriate consequence.  If a student repeatedly displays the inability to responsibly use technology, this privilege may be suspended or terminated.
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